Road to Pro Series: Guide to Choosing The Right Jewelry For Your Bikini Or Figure Competition!

Choosing the right competition jewelry for your figure or bikini  competition is imperative! Why?! because a detail that seems so minor such as jewelry can either make you or break you.

 Jewelry selection is something you want to take your time doing because every decision you make will ultimately help you to present the best package you can on your big day! You worked so hard you owe it to yourself to look your best!

There are a few factors that go into choosing your figure & bikini jewelry and we are gonna touch on each one topic today!


The beauty of being a human being is that we are all different but the same!  We come in all shapes and sizes..some of us have round faces , some have more oval faces and some of us are right in between,


SQUARE,INVERTED TRIANGULAR, ROUND & ANGULAR ROUND FACES – should choose a style thats more straight up and down with very little width! Drop and Dangle styles work lovely as you should stay away from earrings that are very wide or round. This will make your face to look like an Apple .. you won’t want that!


OVAL, DIAMOND, TRIANGLE & HEART SHAPED FACES should choose styles that are have more width. Styles of earrings that are straight up and down with some added fullness to them like a Diamond shaped earring would be very flattering!


OBLONG & SQUARE– always choose styles that add width to your face..rounded styles or styles that have width look great. Please stay day from straight up and down dangle earrings. An example of a great style would be a chandelier style earring those would work nicely.


2. HEIGHT when selecting earrings and bracelets please take your height into consideration. Very tall ladies can generally get away with wearing bigger longer earrings and thicker bracelets while shorter ladies can’t, But that’s okay because sometime less is more.

3. LENGTH OF LIMBS- some of us have long necks and some have short necks so with that being said you want to make sure your earrings aren’t touching your shoulders or your connectors. this can be hazardous on show day as your earrings can get stuck on your connectors. you’ve worked too hard to make this mistake. shorts arms should avoid wearing bracelets that are too thick..we always advise purchasing 2 bracelets ..one thin bracelet and one thick one so you appear more symmetrical. Wearing too much can be distracting but also wearing to little can be as well! Rule of thumb….remember sometimes less is more 🙂

3. STONE &  BASE METAL SELECTION – based on the color of your rhinestones as well as the base color of your connectors you need to choose a color. most suits come with connectors that are a base of either gold or silver..then based on the colors of the stones on your suit you want to pick jewelry that matches either the connectors or the stones on your suit. below are a description go the stone colors as well as different variations available.

Aurora Borealis (AB) Stones – are colorful..variations of pinks, purples and blues ..these stones match lovely with teal, magenta, purple, emerald green and mint green suits.

Clear Stones– are clear like diamonds and go well with black, red, dark green, burgundy, royal blue and yellow bikinis.

silver/ab, silver/clear, silver/ab/clear mix OR gold/ab & gold/clear, gold/clear/ab mix are options to choose from depending on the base color of your connectors as well as the color of the stones on your suit. some people have a mix of stone colors so they opt for a set that has mixed rhinestones or they just mix and match pieces.

5. SHAPE OF CONNECTORS– some jewelry is able to match your connectors identically. This doesn’t happen often so don’t panic if this doesn’t work for you. you wont be able to tell from the judges view if the shape of your connectors don’t match you earrings. most jewelry and connectors have a basic pattern so it matches anyway.

if you take these tips and do your research you can select the perfect jewelry for you bikikini or figure competition. After reading this article if you still feel uncomfortable picking your own gems, you can let the experts here at All That Glitters Gems do the work for you!

feel free to shoot us an email at anytime and good luck Goddess!