Jewelry Care

There are soooo many reasons why we love costume jewelry!!! We love it because its timesless, fun, flirty, glamourous and most importantly because its AFFORDABLE. However there will come a time we will have to replace these pieces because they will tarnish/fade so until that does happen here are some tips on getting the longest life out of them as possible. If you follow these tips and tricks below your gems will be arounf for a longer period of time!

The biggest killer of your jewelry is MOISTURE! when getting dolled up for your event put on your accesories LAST! The lotions, tanner, perfumes, sprays, bronzers and all that other stuff us ladies use onshow day will affect your jewelry and speed up the tarnish process. give these products time to dry and then proceed with putting on your jewelry.

Also AVOID WATER as much as possible to avoid tarnishing, rust and pits….with bacelets and rings remember to remove before washing your hands.

Jewelry with foil backing should NEVER be immersed in water you can clean by using a soft bristled makeup up brush and dusting the piece then by wiping the piece with a damp warm jewelry cloth, turning the pieces upside down and leave them out on a flat surface to dry..this will help your jewels to be shiny again!! DO NOT USE ABRASIVE CLEANERS.

I always reccommend just keeping a jewelry cloth to shine your jewelry as well.

Storing your Jewelry is equally important because the leading killer of costume jewelry is OXIDATION….osidation occurs when the jewelry is exposed to air and once that happens it turns your jewelry….you can prevent this process by storing your jewelry in an airtight ziplock bag, mositure free container or a cloth bag.. also be sure to store your jewelry in a cool dry envoironment.

Follow these directions and your BLING will keep on BLINGING!!!

Jacqui <3 xo xo <3